My name is Yoko Ortega.

I met my husband, callsign Alien, in Tokyo, Japan, fall in love and got married, and got relocated to Hanford, CA. Being in remote area with US Navy encouraged me to be adventurous with my cooking and I started Yumyum's Kitchen to share authentic Japanese food  and recipes with you all! Japanese culture is evolved around food and I am excited to share the food with you, and to getting to know you!

 Here is a little bit about me! 

  • Born in northern Japan called Yamagata 
  • Moved to Calgary, Canada to study English when I was 18
  • Moved to Hanford, CA on Sep 2019, Currently living in Chicago, IL
  • Proud wife of ex US Naval Aviator
  • Experienced in Event Management, caterings, hotels and weddings 
  • Passionate in food, surfing, snowboarding, gardening, and my husband 
  • My facebook account name was yumyum when I met my husband, and ever since I am called Yumyum! 

Thank you so much for your interest in YUMYUM's Kitchen! We are veteran and minority owned small business, and I am so excited to spread joy and smiles from Chicago IL!