My name is Yoko Ortega.

I have always been passionate about Food, Cooking, and Service and after moving to Hanford, CA, it encouraged me to make variety of recipes to enjoy with my husband at home. Then we started to have a friends and family over for Japanese food, and now I am here to start YumYum's Kitchen to share the authentic Japanese food with you all! Japanese culture is evolved around food and I am excited to share the food with you, and to get to know you!

 Here is a little bit about me! 

  • Born in Yamagata, Japan   
  • Moved to Hanford, CA on Sep 2019
  • Learnt English in Calgary, Canada (And still learning!)
  • Proud wife of Navy Pilot 
  • Previously worked in Event Management, Catering, Hotels and Weddings 
  • Passionate in food, surfing, snowboarding, gardening, and being in nature  
  • My facebook account was YUMYUM when I met my husband, and ever since I am called Yumyum! 

Thank you so much for your interest in YUMYUM's Kitchen! I am so excited to share the home cooked meal to spread joy and smiles from Hanford, CA!♡