Spicy Chicken with Rice

Yield: 2 serving | Prep time 10min| Cook time 10min 


2 tbsp Yumyums Crunchy Chili Oil 

1 pack of Chicken Thighs 

1 tsp Garlic Powder/ Onion Powder/ Chili Powder/ Salt/ White Pepper/ Black Pepper/ Cumin/ Sansho Papper if available

1 Cup Cooked Japanese white rice 

Vegetable Oil 


1. Cut open Chicken Thighs to make even thickness 

2. Add all spices on both side of Chicken 

3. Heat skillet and add Vegetable Oil and Add Chicken (Skin side down) 

4. Dont move Chicken till Chicken is more than half way cooked 

5. Flip Chicken to make sure it is thoroughly cooked 

6. Once the chicken is crispy and cooked, serve it with Chili oil on top 


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